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Motive 8 Fitness In-Home Personal Training

Motive 8 Fitness is a mobile personal training company that is devoted to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Our company believes that the best way to transform our clients is to improve ourselves. Our trainers are required to have more than just a weekend course (standard to many personal training companies). Training and continuing education is important to us and we pride ourselves in having such a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals.

Why In-Home Personal Training

Mobile personal training is a great alternative to traveling to the gym. Your mobile personal trainer is responsible for programming a fitness routine specifically tailored to your unique situation and goals. People hire us for many different reasons such as: boosting their accountability, motivational coaching, sports conditioning, exercise knowledge, injury management, and more.

The best thing about mobile personal training is the convenience. We work around your own schedule, come fully prepared with the required tools and equipment, and leave you with homework so that you are committed every day of the week. Your trainer will be available for advice and support by email, text or phone. Save yourself the time and hassle of going to the gym and contact us for your free fitness assessment.

Personal Word From the Owner

Hello and welcome everyone,

My name is Kevin Arnason founder of Motive 8 Fitness Mobile Personal Training. I wanted to take this time to briefly discuss who I am and how Motive 8 Fitness came about.

Before deciding to pursue Personal Training, my interest was in computers. While I was attending university for computer science in 2005, my health and fitness never came to mind. I was overweight and never really noticed. The weight came on gradually and I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until people started saying “you are getting a bit of a belly” and “have you considered starting an exercise program”. It wasn’t until someone had challenged me to lose the weight that I actually took initiative. A good friend of mine told me that I “couldn’t” do it.

To prove my friend wrong I knew I had to do well. At that time I weighed 210 pounds. I realized that much of my problem came from my unhealthy eating habits. Fixing my diet was step one. I wrote down everything I planned to eat for the week, and stuck to it. Next, I started exercising – but with no previous experience it didn’t take long before I plateaued and stopped getting results. Frustrated that I was putting in so much effort and not getting the results I wanted, I decided to take some certifications in fitness. After educating myself, I quickly managed to take off the rest of my excess body fat. This dropped me from my previous 210 down to 150 pounds!

After introducing exercise into my life and losing the weight, I became a lot more confident. My mood and energy had improved drastically along with my sleep patterns, but most importantly I was healthier than I’d ever been. I decided to leave the computer science field to pursue personal training. I wanted people to feel the same way I did – like they could do anything they put their minds to. I developed a passion for health and fitness, and decided to make it my life mission to help change peoples lives.

Over the last 10 years I’ve helped hundreds of people become healthy and fit in the comfort of their own homes. Seeing the success, increased energy, and joy that I brought others reminded me of my own success and drove me to make the next biggest decision of my life. I decided to build my own mobile personal training company, Motive 8 Fitness. I knew that I could help even more people change their lives, and that’s what I continue to do every day alongside a team of highly knowledgable and motivational trainers. I changed my life for the better, now let me change yours.

Dedicated to helping you reach all of your health and fitness goals,


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