We Are Expanding to Kelowna, BC

I am so excited to share with you that we have expanded our in-home personal training services to Kelowna, British Columbia. What makes it extra exciting is that Kelowna is my hometown, and now I will be able to visit a lot more often and potentially move there in the future.

Kelowna is also known as ‘Kelownafornia’ because of the amazing weather, and how most of its residents spend all of their time outdoors hiking or at the beach. I feel like we will have great potential there as a lot of people are looking to build muscle or lose weight for the summer months. Everyone in Kelowna either has or wants a beach body!

I know that people in Kelowna will take advantage of the fact that we are mobile. They can choose to work out in a park, on the beach, or the side of a mountain. It really can’t get any better than that. I like to exercise outdoors at Knox Mountain Park.

New collaborations in Kelowna!

I usually deal with Spartan Fitness back in Ontario, but they don’t have any locations in BC. A few days ago I decided to check out Rocky Mountain Fitness, and I’m delighted I did. They have all of the same equipment as Spartan, and they are just as friendly and helpful. I look forward to working with them in the future.

All in all, we are pretty excited about this expansion. We are so happy that we are doing so well and able to expand across Canada! For those of you in the area, keep an eye out for us within the next month or two. You might see one of our Motive 8 Fitness cars kicking around.

If you live in Kelowna and would like a complimentary fitness assessment, contact us! I would also love to know your favourite spots to workout around town.

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