The Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

“I need to lose some weight!” This is a common thing you hear from people who are planning on going on a diet and starting a workout program. Do they really want to lose weight? They think they do, but in reality, weight is just a number on the scale. There are some very beautiful bodies that weigh 160 lbs, but there are also people who weigh 160 lbs that are overweight. What really matters is the body fat percentage. If everyone started a diet and workout program with fat loss in mind they would see much better results. What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss? Let’s take a look.

Weight Loss

Weight loss can come from any part of the body. You’d lose weight if you cut your arm off. You can lose weight when you get dehydrated. Weight loss can also come from losing muscle mass, which would cause a decrease in metabolism and an unhealthy body.
You can even weigh differently depending on whether you just went to the bathroom, what time of day it is, your hormones, or if you just ate. Many people get so excited when they find out they lost 5 lbs only to regain it the very next day. Also, a healthy weight will depend on many factors. Your age, gender, height, and even bone density can all change your ideal weight. A strong healthy person will weigh more than a sickly person. Which would you rather be?

So many people do drastic things just to whittle that number on the scale down. They will eat like birds, torture their body through extreme workouts that can be dangerous, take pills, go on a fast, even undergo surgery. In the end, it’s their health that suffers, and they don’t look pretty! Don’t you know that healthy is the new hot?

Fat Loss

Fat is undesirable and is dangerous to your health. This is really what everyone should be against, not that insignificant number of their weight. If more people would focus on fat loss instead of weight loss, fewer people would give up on their fitness goals.
You can check your body fat percentage investing in a calliper specifically for measuring fat. You could also measure your body and enter the data here.

A healthy fat percentage for men is 10% or lower and 15% or lower for women. There are many advantages to losing fat. Your blood pressure will go down. Your risk of hypertension, diabetes, and insulin resistance will go down. You’ll get much better sleep and have more energy throughout the day. You’ll even have better sex. Sound like some good reasons to lose fat? You betcha.

So how do you go about making sure you are getting fat loss and not just weight loss? It all comes down to a healthy balanced diet that isn’t too restrictive and fat blasting workouts. Don’t weigh yourself every day. Monitor your success by measuring your body fat and measuring your waist, thighs, and arms. This will show you whether you are successfully losing fat and getting healthy hot!

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