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Why do so many people choose to train with Motive 8 Fitness?

Because Motive 8 Fitness gets them to their goals

Since 2013, hundreds of clients have relied on Motive 8 Fitness trainers to guide them.

Client Testimonials

kirk and nina davy

Kirk and Nina

"Although my husband and I knew we needed to eat better and exercise more to lose weight and improve our overall health, we could never incorporate it fully into our daily lives. Kevin's approach has made this possible. By setting smaller achievable fitness and food related goals, Kevin has made eating healthy and being active a lifestyle for us."*

amanda testimonial


Megan (and the Motive 8 team) has been such a positive force in my life! We always have a great time during our sessions and she is always pushing me to work harder and try new things. Meg continuously encourages me to establish healthy habits and listen to my muscles - focusing on muscle mobility and flexibility to help improve my form and range of motion. We have plowed our way through intense kickboxing sessions, lots of weight lifting and numerous burps (my favourite :)) together and I am stronger for it. With Meg I have learned so many new exercises, sweat my butt off and discovered my own strength! I hope you know that I truly enjoy all of our sessions and I would not be the same if you weren't in my life!“*

Alia Nasir

“I’ve had a pretty busy life neglecting my exercise for a few years. After experiencing body aches and chalking it up to “getting older”, and also getting a clean bill of health from my physician, I decided to hire a personal trainer. Michele is strong, positive, knowledgeable and reliable in fitness training. I have had nothing but a fantastic life changing experience with her in my corner, not to mention free of aches and pains. I love working out with her! She is a balanced instructor that when we conclude my workout, her stretching exercises are so beneficial and perfect to what body parts I worked out, that my recovery is fast. I am so scared of not having her around forever because she seriously could be a permanent coach in my life. Thank you Michele for everything you do! Michele L is my life saver, and I don’t know why I hadn’t contacted her sooner."*


"I would like to provide a few words, as a parent whose child used Motive 8 Fitness’s services. The training with Motive 8 Fitness is one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my teenage daughter. Although she wanted to be in better physical condition, gyms were a very uncomfortable environment for her. She felt judged and unwelcome, and hated going. The thought of working out in front of mirrors and an audience was enough to make her ill. Her trainers from Motive 8 changed this. The initial interview went over her interests and current abilities, and was a great big shot of enthusiasm! There was no judging, but there were goals to achieve. She gained in strength, resilience and became comfortable with her body. Even to the point of competing at the summer picnic challenge and excelling at the ropes - passing all expectations and taking top honours. She gained in strength, resilience and became comfortable with her body.“*

Nancy Alati

“Having worked with other personal trainers for 18 years now, I can actually say that Kevin is definitely the best I've ever had. He's not afraid to push me. Each workout is challenging and he always gets the most out of me. The 1/2 hour that I'm with him goes by so fast. I'm always happy to see him and just as happy when he leaves (in a good way). He always makes sure that I've got proper technique so that I benefit fully from each exercise. He keeps me on the go making full use of the 1/2 hour. I highly recommend him. Each workout is challenging and he always gets the most out of me."*

before testimonial
after testimonial


“I started training with Kevin the first week of May and weighed 209 lbs. By August I had lost just about 35 lbs. Kevin made it easy to stick to a program. Clear goals were determined in the first sessions and the workouts, and nutritional advice that I received was perfect for meeting my goals. We did well over 30 workouts together and never did the same one twice. There was a constant progression that kept every work out a challenge but fun at the same time. Kevin’s knowledge of all things health and wellness is remarkable. I can’t imagine a better-qualified personal trainer exists. On top of his excellent qualifications, he is a very friendly and fun guy to have come to your home and work out with. He encourages you to do more, and never makes you feel bad when you don’t quite get that last rep in. He’s very personable, and an interesting guy to talk to. And, he’s very punctual, which I value a lot as well. Take my word for it, you won’t find a better trainer.”*


"About 5 months ago I decided to invest in my health and well being. I checked with some friends and family and got a strong recommendation about Michele. My personal training sessions with Michele are always tough, in a good way. She is very creative in building workouts that are fun. She makes sure that I’m working all my target areas and chooses exercises that she knows will challenge me but I’ll also like it enough to do it in my own. I always look forward to my training sessions with Michele. No matter how I feel, I always have a great workout. Michele has helped me to become stronger than I ever thought possible. I had found it extremely difficult to gain muscle mass, but Michele seems to be able to push me that extra bit that I needed to get the results I was looking for. The knowledge and nutritional tips I have learned are invaluable. I have lost body fat percentage, gained muscle and increased my endurance. Michele is excellent at providing a full body workout and at explaining the benefits of each exercise. Overall I would highly recommend Michele to anyone who is looking to get in better shape and improve in their health.“*

Melissa M

"My husband and I needed to get our fitness situation in order; I was taking classes and not seeing results and my husband was opposed to attending a gym.  Bringing a trainer into our home seemed like the right choice for us, since it wouldn't take too much extra time out of our schedule and we could get the personalized attention we wanted in our own home.  We spoke to a few different companies and chose Motive 8 Fitness.  Kevin sent James to our home for an assessment, and he was knowledgable and asked the right questions to get to know us, our needs and our goals.  James comes over three times a week now and we enjoy working with him (yes - I said enjoy); he understands how to effectively manage both my husband and I time-wise and goal-wise, how to encourage us while working out, and is always cognizant of our wellbeing during the session.  We are re-assessed every two weeks, which we also like since we are both very motivated by our goals. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service and James as a trainer!“*


"Megan and Kevin at Motive 8 Fitness have helped me in so many ways and I’m so thankful for their dedication to helping their clients improve their quality of life. I was already a reasonably fit person who had been cycling for years, eating somewhat healthy, and stretching frequently. Despite all of this hard work and attention to health, I had a chronic sore neck and shoulders that had been nagging me for a couple of years (thanks to a desk job and poor posture). When enough was enough I reached out to Kevin for assistance. I like the idea of personal training at home, because I can be home with my daughter during our sessions, and it’s where I would train on other days. While my intention was to focus on strength training, I learned so much more from Megan, including proper nutrition (I thought I was eating really healthy – but I realized that there was a lot of room for improvement), mobility and stretching (some of these seemingly small tips were instrumental in improving flexibility and working out sore muscles), and of course strength training. Incorporating each of these into my daily/weekly routines has really paid off, because after four months my chronic pain has almost disappeared. I would recommend Motive 8 Fitness to anyone who would like to improve their overall fitness and health, from the comfort of their own homes!“*

keith testimonial

Keith Vaz

"I always hated going to the gym, couldn't commit to a workout routine on my own and didn't really know what to do. Kevin changed everything, took the planning out of working out, showed up even when I didn't want to. Pushed me harder than I could on my own and motivated me to eat right, and live better. Kevin put me on the right path and has put me in an awesome routine to see results I couldn't have seen on my own." Confident, healthier, and feeling great, working out with Kevin changed my life"*

Peter N.

"Working at a stressful job left me with little time or energy to workout. However, when my doctor told me I needed to lose weight I realized I needed the help of a personal trainer. Kevin Arnason was the perfect choice. He combined a series of interesting exercise tools with a change in my eating habits and a close monitoring of progress. In no time at all the pounds began to disappear. I began receiving compliments from friends and relatives on my weight loss. I highly recommend Kevin as the ideal fitness trainer/coach/teacher for anyone serious about improving their health and fitness."*

Connie Duncan

"I have been using Motive 8 Fitness personal training for about 6 months and it has truly changed my life for the better. I now have a more positive outlook, I am making healthier nutritional choices and have a better understanding of how my metabolism works. I have more energy, strength, and stamina. I am able to push my body further than I thought I was able to. I have more muscle tone and definition. I have been able to continue my weight loss journey with success and am proud to say I have dropped 3 full dress sizes since being with Motive 8 Fitness. I am 46 years old, and I am now able to run after and keep up with my small grandchildren! Thank you Motive 8 Fitness!“*

Addie W

"Everytime Megan leaves I feel great! amazing! stoked! energized, positive, and proud of myself! Megan is an excellent person, not just an excellent trainer, but an excellent human being. She is mature, knowledgeable, invested, patient, humble, kind, tolerant and a true athlete. When she arrives she is there for you! She keeps you interested and wanting more. In the past, I had been physically active, always strong and in top shape. It was easy and I felt good. Suddenly (nothing just happens suddenly), I found myself in a rut, a slump, low energy, no motivation, unsure of my physical/mental abilities. I was not working out consistently anymore, I was getting weaker, stiff, tired, basically lazy. I noticed yard work getting harder, my stamina dropping, I really thought that there was no way I could get back into good condition, that it was easier when I was younger and that what I was feeling was just the aging process and that this feeling was normal. I hated feeling like this, but could just not get myself to move. I needed a push a wakeup call. Megan was the answer. She proved to me that I still have what it takes to push through a challenge. She challenges me and I am forever thankful! I told her I wanted to train like an athlete, and she listened. She believed in me and pushed me to keep going when all I was thinking was...are you sure I can do those squats? You want me to do what? I would try it and actually do it. OMG! what a feeling to do something you would have said no-way to and walked away from. Without her there, I would have quit. I was sore and tired but it felt good! I am glad every time she shows up, because it forces me to keep moving. I am a happier person, I am now positive and certain that I can challenge myself physically and mentally. She has awakened my body and mind. Physically I am leaner, stronger, faster, more flexible and I crave movement. I have been training with Megan 3x /week, for the last 3 months, I can now include 3 more days to workout on my own. I told her in the beginning my goal was to go back to training 6x /week, and now my body is ready for it. Mentally, I can focus better, my mind is stronger, more resilient, my memory is better and I can convince myself that I am capable! I have more energy and I look forward to working out. It no longer feels like work, but like playtime. And, the great thing is it's not over, I have invested more time in training with Megan, can't wait to see the results! THANK YOU MEGAN!!"*

*Success Stories and results featured on this web site are atypical. As individuals differ, so will results.