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Corporate Wellness Programs

Bring Motive 8 Fitness to Your Workplace

Corporate Wellness Programs

Did you know that incorporating a corporate wellness program at your workplace can increase work performance, reduce absenteeism, and increase positivity in the workplace?

Motive 8 Fitness has many options for local businesses that want to provide their employees with health and corporate wellness options. Our group fitness trainers are all certified to instruct fitness classes of any size and have a vast knowledge of how to modify for those with injuries or health concerns. We focus on low-impact exercises that are appropriate for all fitness levels. Sessions typically take place during lunch break because studies show that productivity drops halfway through the work day. Even 30 minutes of exercise can refocus and motivate people to work at their full potential.

Partner training along with group goal setting creates an inclusive atmosphere where everyone works as a team both in the fitness program and during work hours. Working in a group setting can reduce workplace conflict and help employees communicate better.

Eating healthy is just as important as exercise when it comes to staying sharp at work. Bad nutrition can make you feel sluggish and result in major brain fog. Understanding the fundamentals of nutrition will help individuals make better food choices that will keep them energized and focused throughout the day.

Over time working at a desk can cause poor posture, reduced flexibility and physical ailments such as carpal tunnel. Motive 8 Fitness leads discussions and workshops on how to avoid and correct these common problems in the workplace. Learn how stretching and ‘power poses’ help with posture as well as an increase in confidence.

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Corporate Wellness Programs Include:

One-on-One Personal Training
Small Group Fitness Training
Large Group Fitness Training
Nutritional Coaching
Healthy Living Seminars (Includes a variety of topics)

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